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The opening of the Mountain Province High School was a big help to a growing need for a Baguio based institution to accommodate the elementary graduates of the city and nearby highland and lowland provinces. Classes were held at teacher's camp and native girls from the provinces were housed at the BUA dormitory, known today as the Pacdal Elementary school. Among the pioneer teachers were Jesse L. Gains, principal, Juan Balagot, Servillano Tumaneng, Pedro Balagot, Genoveva Llamas, Esperanza Ver, Donato Guerzon, Grace Miller, Petra Ramirez, and Pillar Tan.


THE MPHS easily gained national popularity in both academics and athletics. For several years, it has the strongest baseball team in northern Luzon. Coach Arthur McCann produced baseball champ pitcher Antonio Capulo who one time pitched a non score game to northern Luzon teams. Juan Carantes rates second best baseman in the whole country in those days.Antonio Dimas, Eugene Pucay, Gilbert Songduan, Dibson Diwas, Braulio Caoili, and Chakchakn Cois became legend in their time. The girls became famous for their extensive lace making and native weaving projects that easily became popular among tourists. The graduates were added to the institutional prestige for it had a high proficiency in both oral and written English.


The MPHS was then served by the succession of the following principals: Mr. Richard Patterson, Mrs. Eldridge, and Mr. Paul Bramlett.



In 1937, the national government transferred the financial responsibility of maintaining the school to the city government that's why the name was changed to Baguio City High School. Students of the normal course were transferred to Trinidad Agricultural High School which became the responsibility of the mountain province. The general secondary curriculum transferred classes to the government center. In the same year the school squatted at the present site of the Baguio government center until world war two broke out in 1941. Classes continued during the Japanese occupation at the Quezon elementary school, when the classes were disrupted by the initial occupation and liberation battles. In 1945, the BCHS admitted students at the Vallejo hotel, moving back to Teacher's camp in the second semester of the year.


Several mayors worked for the permanent site of the BCHS building. Luis Torres succeeded in establishing the fact that the ex-governor Blanco's place was the property of local government and not the national government property. Mayor Gil Mallare made every effort to the approval of the site as permanent house of BCHS. He secured P 180,000 loan from the Rehabilitation Financing Corporation to start the construction of the building on September 20, 1953.


The Parent Teachers' Association continued to ask for the permanent site of BCHS headed by the PTA president Rufino Bueno who served from 1948-1958. The present site of the school was segregated from Burnham park reservation on June 27, 1953 under proclamation No. 401 that awarded BCHS 11,840 square meters of land. Construction began under the administration of mayor Benito Lopez and finished during the term of manor Alfonso Tabora with additional expenses of P40,000 to finish the right wing of the main building. Inauguration rites were held on October 24, 1954, the school foundation day.


Hall renovations were made over the years in the main building to accommodate the ever increasing population. In 1964, a home economics building was constructed, followed by the vocational building. In 1985, the Economic support fund building was constructed under the financial support of the USAID.


In 1972, the science section as special classes opened, but was discontinued after two years due to the implementation of the revised secondary curriculum. It was reopened in 1984 with the efforts of class 1958 alumni, the city council, the school administration. This was accomplished through strong support and continuous follow up efforts of then Councilor Bert Floresca as member of the committee on education and that time president of the Alumni Association. At present there are fourteen classes in the special class. In 1995, two buildings were constructed by the permanent home of the special classes. The students in these classes are receiving P200.00 as monthly stipend from the city government.


In 1960's Annex high school for the first and second year students had to be opened to accommodate the increasing population. In 1968, annex high schools were opened at Baguio Central; school, Dona Aurora, Loakan, Bonifacio, and Rizal Elementary school and other annexes were also opened in the following years in Quirino Elementary school, at Irisan and later Sto. Tomas and Quezon Hill. The number of students kept on growing both in Baguio City high school main and its annexes that by 1980, Baguio Central School had to be separated as another city funded school carrying the new name Pines City High School. In 1981, four year levels in Loakan annex were created and followed by other annexes.


The Baguio City High School is now called Baguio City National High School with a student population of over 10,844 as of April 2001. it has 8 annexes, seven of which have complete year levels; and with 339 faculty members and support personnel.


The year 1997 proved to be another success. BCNHS won in the search for the Most Outstanding Female Public Secondary Principal in the person of Dr, Elma Donaal who represented CAR in the national level this year sponsored by AVON in coordination with the DECS. Another feather was added to the school's cap for an award being drug free and fraternity free school.


Baguio City National High School at 83 years has not diminished in its speed growth. Lots of contests being joined by the students were all fruitful because the school is consistently a winner in both academics and athletics. When the school was on its boom, 5 top general of the country, hundreds of presidents and heads of offices in all fields of endeavour had represented the school nationally and international during discussion in the different areas in the field of education both from its teachers and students.       


Baguio City High School has several principals who served with dedication. They are:

Mrs. Beula Head   


Mr. Pablo Reyes   


Mr Anselmo Patacsil   


Mr.  Antonio Alba   


Mr. Gregorio Ariz Sr.   


Dr. Florencio Buen   


Ms. Dolores Valdez   


Mrs. Feliciana Peņera   


Mrs. Josefina Sarmenta   


Dr. Lolita B. Florendo  


Dr. Philip M. Flores   


Mrs. Priscilla Bautista   


Dr. Elma D. Donaal       



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